About me

Hi! I’m Peter and I am a Tech Revelation enthusiastic Engineer with great deal of technical hands-on experience in Infrastructure, Development (Python, Bash, HTML, PHP), as well as Security, Networking, and Cloud computing.

While VOIP is not the area I specialize in, I still mastered major parts of it, on the other hand Machine Learning and AI is something I’m still learning.

The story goes long way back in late 1990s, notably the first computer I ever laid hands on was running an OS that today I would not have thought getting along with was even remotely possible in other words “Linux”, in fact Windows didn’t see the light of day with me till three years after ’98 came out.

I grew up respecting Linux over any other OS, as a matter of fact, all my machines at home are running Linux, except for my gaming rig, which dual-boots both Linux and Windows.

My passion for creating tech that can help make one’s life easier took off at the time I was 14 getting an IRC introduced in my area for myself and neighbors, consequently expanded to residents on the same street, to down a few blocks away, the euphoric feeling of accomplishment was the spark up that ignited the very beginning of my career.

Furthermore, achieving Tech freedom and privacy had always been my focus,  and it was born out of the feel that you’re being constantly watched, controlled, manipulated, having your information traded, or even looked at as a product, something that just hinders the sense of privacy in general and is often overlooked. It’s important to realize that what’s private and yours is essentially meant to stay that way.

Having a good 16-years of hands on experience, was not an easy way to come thus far, having gone through a lot of struggles, failures, and sometimes depression as a result. The fact that you’ve tried and tried to make something work, and it just won’t therefore if you ever feel that way, know that you’re not alone. 

That said, the one thing that kept my sanity intact all throughout was my passion-driven intellect. Persistence and patience are two key elements that truly factor into how your expertise builds up. Turning challenges into a game of dare, has always been my secret recipe to becoming unstoppable, I like to challenge myself, enough that I built the equivalent of almost every public service out there; privately. Some I coded, others used opensource. 

Speaking of which, I genuinely love opensource software and I’ll always choose it over any commercial option, not that I like reading thousands of pages worth of documentation or just cut down on costs, but simply because it’s made by the community for the community, so that euphoric feeling you get when you’re using an opensource that you personally contributed to comparatively doubles the fun, also when you build your own opensource and watch it as it picks up that up-ramping demand momentum. (it’s like your baby growing before your eyes) 

Additionally, my weekends aren’t usually of the “typical” type, that’s to say, I often find myself developing a new program of this one random idea that came to mind mid-week, or just coding AI modules to test on real-life data, or perhaps researching a new Tech that can help address clients challenge or possibly maintaining my mini datacenter at home where majority of my lab servers live. Although, It may not be quite the idea of fun to majority, but for me, it’s never been otherwise.

While I enjoy buying PC games just for the sake of hacking them(not pirating), sports like car racing and swimming are on top of the list of sports I get to relish practicing.

Moreover, being an environmentalist in a sense is something I grew up loving and respecting, which is why I care great deal for the environment, hence, tend to be on one of them tree-planting trips at least once a year or so, inasmuch as picking up plastic wastes on a beach when i finally get a chance to go to one.

If you’re interested in what I do, or would like to join me, be that as it may. I’m also happy to join forces working on a new projects, or just exchanging ideas, by all means feel free to reach out. Everyone is welcome.