Who is Malaty.net ?

That’d be me, Peter Malaty – the owner of Malaty.net
Malaty.net was born in 2021 while Pmalaty.com (Legacy) was born in 2015

Malaty.net was built for two core reasons:
One, because I want to be part of the solution together with giving something back to the community through the Guides and Tutorials.
Two, for Tech Consultancy where I work on project by project basis with many clients. The website aims to make things a little more convenient for the different parties to get in touch.

Guides and Tutorials found on this site are a result of hundreds of hours of testing and conclusions. Ergo, please do not copy material from my site and onto another, instead just reference a citation to my site as form of appreciation, equally, info I use from other third-party websites are cited in my guides too.

Because things aren’t usually straightforward and at times you may have to do your own digging as a result I focus on trying to provide some spot-on help in hopes to saving you a good number of hours you would otherwise spend looking for the same things I did.

I truly hope you enjoy and learn something being here, please leave a feedback on tutorial pages to let me know what I need to improve on.

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Current Site Status: Under Construction – Last Updated 10-25-2021

I intend to make my site as useful as it could possibly get for my visitors, thus I’ll continually post a wide spectrum of guides and tutorials. From learning the basics all the way to building various kinds of Advanced Tech like (Kubernetes HA clusters, Openstack clusters, Load Balancing, DNS clusters, AWS and GCP How TOs, various kinds of Database clusters, CI/CD tools, Security and Hardening, VOIP, and partially Machine Learning … etc). 

Tutorials will usually have multiple navigation buttons to allow for easier navigation

On each tutorial page, there’s always a comments section for anyone who’d like to ask questions, raise a concern or simply leave a feedback. 

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Services Overview

State of the Art Infrastructure

High Availability
High Availability

Cluster builds as well as services running on top of it should be best hinged on the HA Nodes, Networks and Storage backbone that also provides redundancy

Load Balancing
Load Balancing

Finding that perfect balance between Infrastructure and Cost isn't usually an apparent decision, there are multiple elements that decides the overall Load Balancing capabilities

Centralized Control
Centralized Control

Centralized Control allows you to manage your company resources with absolute ease, without the need to make changes across different platforms

Prompt Delivery

Deadline adherence is a measure of integrity and I'm committed to delivering results on time, every time

Cutting-Edge Technology

I keep up with the latest tech trends to ensure my clients stay competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape

Warm Professionalism

Shake off the corporate attitude and lingo. My aim is to build genuine connections and have authentic human conversations

Consultative Approach

Whether you’re a tech nerd like me or an industry newbie, I can adjust to your level of expertise so you can grasp concepts fully and make smart and sound decisions

Services Snapshot

Pro business services